The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Fall Apart During The Moon Sextile Saturn On September 12, 2022

When a relationship falls apart, there are many aspects to the reasons why.

And while many of those reasons are personal and very specific, there are external causes as well, one of them being the state of the cosmic influence of that day.

Today, we are influenced by one such transit, and it will take its final toll on the relationships that were bound for dissolution, and that transit is Moon sextile Saturn.

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When a relationship falls apart, it’s usually not a surprise, and on some deeply dreaded level, we knew it was coming.

These things just don’t fall apart for no reason at all, and we humans are quite insightful in terms of what we pick up on right before things fall to pieces. For some signs of the Zodiac, today is the day where it all begins to make sense, in a terrible, sad, inevitable way.

Today is the day when many of us will see the end of our relationship.

When we have the Moon sextile Saturn, we have clear visions of limitation. That means we know that certain things cannot go on. When we figure out that our own romance is in jeopardy, we are also presented with the idea of what to do to fix it, so that it doesn’t go down the tubes.

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That’s where Moon sextile Saturn comes in; it lets us know that it’s time to part with that delusion. Today, romances bite the dust, as they are meant to do.

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